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SHAUN AND GINGER MCCORMICK said 6/24/2012 4:45:15 AM :
Please submit this email in the place of the email previously correction as I have made a few revisions. Thanks You.

We are so looking forward to the revival!!! We feel so close to all of you that it also feels much like a family reunion. The revival is exciting but so is seeing everyone again. Last week I was praying for the event and the Lord allowed me catch a glimpse into the heart of God's desire for this meeting. I had a vision that only lasted seconds but God downloaded volumes into my spirit. I saw a Blacksmith's shop in full operation. It was a very inviting scene and I did as it were walk right into that busy workplace. I looked and the anvil was sitting in the center of the shop. Then off to the side there was a large billows aimed into a glowing red amber bed of hot coals. The Smith then shoved a black piece of cold iron into the coals and pumped heavily on the billows, then pulling back the iron revealing the super heated metal that was now ready for the Smith to labor on. Suddenly it was on the anvil and heavy hammer was searing down hard upon it as this master tradesman wielded his gift and ability into it. Blow after blow the harder the craftsman pounded the iron the more it seemed to take on the desire and image of the master's intent. I heard in the spirit plainly, "Beat Your Plow shears into swords". Then the blacksmith was instantly behind the grinding wheel. It was an old style wheel with a peddle that was pumped a mans foot. The smith was now hard again bearing down with intensity and force and on His face was the sure knowing that he knew exactly what he was doing. As the newly formed sword taking a lashing from the grinding stone the master pounded the peddle harder and faster until sparks were flying and filling over half the shop. It seemed he would destroy his fresh creation if he did not relent of his fierce shaping and sharpening. Then again I heard in the Spirit ,"Some have lost their sword and must be forged anew, others have lost there edge and are withering away into dullness". I suppose many things can dull a sword. Surely the heat of battle will and some have lost there edge in this manner. Yet I feel others have lost there edge not to the battle every saint must endure but to rather to the culprit of rust. Neglect and idleness will destroy the sharp cutting edge of the Spirit in your life. A little sleep a little folding of the hands and thy poverty will over take you. Awake oh thou that steepest and Christ will give thee light. The last time that we were with you 40 people were saved and rescued from death. Also 26 were baptized in the Holy Ghost. Young people out shouted and out danced the old. Miracles and Healing were the norm every night. Strangers walked in from off the street and were born again. Parents came to get there children because the hour grew late. They waked in angry wanting to know where there children were and why there grandparents were even still awake at midnight much less still at church, but anger turned to bewilderment then to conviction then to weeping and again repentance brought salvation. Some came in shock that church doors could still be open at 1am!!! Then upon entering were in even further shock at the large number still in attendance at that late hour but night after night there was no begging the people to stay nobody wanted to leave. Night after night as the service would begin to wane and I would feel the Spirit begin to lift as His work was finished I would turn to someone to ask the time I would think it can't be latter than 9pm and to my utter amazement it would again be after midnight. Well enough about WHAT HAPPENED THEN. WHAT ABOUT NOW!?! WHAT WILL GOD DO NOW!?!
If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven ,and I will forgive their sin and heal there land. Have faith and believe!!!

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